Clean Pack manufactures rinsing and capping machine, for different sectors: food, wine, cosmetics and chemicals for detergents.

The Capping machines made from Clean Pack offer very fast operations and easy access by the operators. Always manufactured with high quality materials, they are suitable to handle any type of cap (aluminium screw, pre-threaded plastic, pressure, etc....) fitted to close round and shaped containers made of any type of material (glass, plastic and metal). The cap transfer from the cap chute to the bottle is made by means of different devices: grabbed, Pick & Place starwheel system, Positive Grip, Vacuum, Brushless.
The Clean Pack Rinsing machines are available in Free-Standing and in Single Turret versions and are suitable to share production speeds from 1.000 bph to 20.000 bph The Flexibility of our Rinsing machines allows us to address the various types of solutions: like machines with Neck Handling system typical for PET lines, special construction (AISI 316), conveying large bottles, special platform & support for heavy or special bottles, treatments with water-air or other solutions.
All the Clean Pack Rinsing machines keep intact the standard qualities and grant the integration of optionals suitable to improve the bottle cleaning performance: mobile nozzles, special valves, no bottle no spray type, recirculation tank, etc…
The convenience of the format change over and settings make our cappers easy to use: with a few easy operatons we can replace, adjust, clean and grease the main parts of the machine. Clean Pack’s closure systems are available in Free-Standing and Single Turret versions and are suitable to reach a production speed range from 1.000 bph to 20.000 bph.
The Free-Standing Rinsing machines can be integrated inside any bottling line. At the machine inlet side, synchronized worm screw, selects a proper bottle size. The swivel nozzle grants a certain quantity of product for the correct rinsing (washing) of the bottle. The machine is equipped with photocells and alarm systems for any stop and restart control.
Isobaric Filler for carbonated product.
Quality Made by  People
The new line of the  isobaric fillers Iso Mec represents the perfect example of search and spirit of innovation that Clean Pack wants to give both as quality that as reliability for all types of filling.
First of all Clean Pack with this project wanted to give a very important  imprint both to constructive level and level of materials used as it regards the parts to contact with the product to fill. All the parts have been projected (produced passage and phases of filling) to guarantee and to safeguard at the most the filled product.
Clean Pack develops and manufactures bottles conveyors for glass and PET containers of various type, conveyors for cartons, in standard version AISI 304 or ”on demande” in AISI 316.
The over 20 years of experience of the technical staff, Clean Pack allows a wide range of customized solutions, possible changes or modifications to integrate single turret or single machines into an existing line at the customer’s site or only for special requirements by the Customers. Production Range from 1.000 bph to 12.000 bph.
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