Rinsing machines

Our rinsing machines, available in FREE-STANDING or TURRET version, are designed to solve sanitizing problems of bottle and container of any material. Containers are cleaned from condensation, dust, debris, manufacturing residue and bacteria by an injection of water, air or sterilizing product. A high degree of customization is achieved by use of optional like mobile nozzles, recirculation tanks, ionizers, ozonizers, filtering and / or suction systems combined with the use of single, double or triple treatment. Clean Pack machines can be inserted in any bottling line. At the entrance, in fact, a synchronized feed screw allows a correct selection of the bottles. The rotary fitting releases a certain amount of rinsing product for the proper washing of the bottle. The machine is equipped with photocells and warning systems for the management of every stop and start.

Stand alone and turret
From 1000 to 15000 b/h

TYPE OF CONTAINERS Round, Shaped TREATMENTS Water, air, specific products, alcoholic solutions, sanification products

Detailed rinsers